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    P.Berkbigler Design & Illustration dimensional design projects and packaging design.
The Hours by Michael Cunningham Clock Set

This set of dimensional promotional items act as a series of clocks depicting Michael Cunningham's novel The Hours. Designed as a portion of my graduate studies, these books / clocks each feature one of the three primary characters in Cunningham's novel (Virginia Woolf, a woman reading Woolf's novel Mrs. Dalloway in the 1940s and a woman living out the story of this novel in contemporary New York).

Surrounding the face of each clock are hours marked by excerpts from each woman's story and the hands of each clock are three pivotal characters within each woman's life. Additional character details are provided on library cards tucked into the cover of each book / clock.

Art Direction: Joe Scorsone & Paul Berkbigler
Design & Construction: Paul Berkbigler
P.Berkbigler Design & Illustration Traveling Sales Case

These images show the exterior design and illustration and the interior of the presentation case I carry to promote my personal practice. Because interviews
and other portfolio showings have often felt a little bit like working as a traveling salesman, I crafted a portfolio case based on 1930s &1940s sales cases, built from a Samsonite suitcase previously owned by my grandmother.
Dr. Houdini's Panacea Candy Brand Gift Set Packaging

Dr. Houdini's Panacea
is a manufactured candy brand that presents flavored jelly beans as having medicinal values, in this case as dietary suppressants (the blue beans), energy boosters (the green beans) and libido enhancers (the red beans). The packaging concept plays up snake-oil salesmanship through the use of vaguely Victorian stylistic touches: frilly typography and graphic ornaments mix with impossibly exaggerated medical claims in the product copy, all of which is packaged within a custom-built wooden vitrine.

The dimensional elements of the packaging are meant to capture the spirit of old apothecaries and physician's offices - fine woods mixed with metals, touched off by elegant finishes and impeccable labeling.

Art Direction: Paul Sherriff & Paul Berkbigler
Design & Construction: Paul Berkbigler
Shrinking the Big Picture: The Art of Chris Ware Disc Packaging

Completed as one of my master's thesis projects, I created an interactive archive of illustrator Chris Ware's work that highlighted both the simplicity of Ware's drawing style and contrasted it against the intricacy and complexity of his storytelling and page layouts. This piece featured a wide variety of interface approaches: simulated movie theaters, retail stores, books, maps, rooms, slide shows and more. Audio, video and animation all played a major role in presenting both the big picture and the tiny details of Ware's comic galaxy.

Art Direction: Dermot Mac Cormack & Paul Berkbigler