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Asian Elephant Sculptures for Denver Zoo
This project was created for the Denver Zoo's new Asian Elephant home.  These sculptures are an integral part of the facade which was designed to pay homage to an Asian temple.  This project took about 1 year to complete from sketch to final installation.  Working with lead designers, ECOS Communications, these sculptures and all their details were developed and implemented to mimic an authentic Asian temple stone sculpture.  It was decided that the final statues would be cast in cement and stained to give the illusion of ancient stone carvings.  
 Sketch by Mick Ellison   Sketches were made so client, designers, and artist were all visualizing the same thing.
Maquette     A scaled version of the sculpture was completed so all involved could see a miniature three-dimensional version before sculpting the full sized sculpture.
Foam Sculpture   The Elephant was sculpted in foam full size using the maquette to size all the details.
Elephant Sculpture,  The foam was covered with an epoxy resin and detailed before molding (notice maquette in foreground)
Elephant Installation,  Elephants were molded and cast in cement, each weighing about 600 pounds and had to be lifted by crane.
Final look with cement stained with acids to simulate aged stone
Sculpture on their pedestals
Entry to elephant exhibit at Denver Zoo
Asian Elephant Sculptures for Denver Zoo