"How can you make it easier to be a
superhero in New York? "

Below are the entries for Best UX Design from the Brooklyn Adobe Creative Jam. Creatives were given the theme and had 3 hours to create a UX Design for iPhone 6 and were asked to include Adobe Experience Design in their workflow. Check out their designs!
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Team Ednamode
"When every second counts, only Hero Hotline gives you directions that harness your special ability to get you to your destination through free-running parkour, up shopping mall escalators, down clean chimneys, or swinging from rooftop to rooftop. Please ensure your insurance information is up to date before downloading."
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Adobe XD Project Preview Link:
Team Keeping up with the Jessica Joneses
Paula Borowska 
“In NYC no one reports pedestrian related issues like construction, live wires or fire hydrants going off. We’ve created an app that let’s you be a here of your own neighborhood by letting other know where the issues are. It would allow the police to see complaints that don’t get called in as well. The below demo is of a recurring users, Jessica, reporting a live wire and seeing what other heroes are around."
Adobe XD Project Preview Link: 
Team Proto Smiths
Katie Smith 
Ian Skeen 
"Be a hero, or call a hero with BEACON."
Adobe XD Project Preview Link:
Team Digital Lobster
Maksim Petriv 
Adobe XD Project Preview Link:
Team One Too Many
Lauren Parkos 
James Colina 
Adobe XD Prokect Preview Link:
Team Casimir
Thomas Brodin 
Melissa McKay
Adobe XD Project Preview link:
Adobe XD Project Preview link:
Team Free Gold Watch
Adobe XD Project Preview Link: