Capsule is back ! After a year the french collective bring back its concepts for new events. During this period they created a record label and a branding associated to create a strongest identity. For its fourth event, Capsule brought a serious line up with Dustycloud, Asdek and Stu. This give us the opportunity to reaffirm the image of the collective to retranscribe its new ambitions.


Capsule needed a visual identity that would fit the new goals of the collective. Still dark, strange and out of the box, but now more complete as a whole visual identity. Rounded symbol using Lydian typeface, and some glyphs.
The idea was to make a poster composed with a simple picture, where we could read all the infos, by making something really impactfull. We wrote the infos on the models body, and we chose to make ephermeral tattoing.
We finally needed to be more clear and visible in the communication : the event took place during the F.I.S.E weekend, and we had to deal with a visual saturation of the walls in the city. We had to do a poster more obvious to the detriment of artistic choices. This is where communication takes over creation.
Teasers promo : 
Original video : Desert Journey - Daniel Azulai Bittencourt
Track : Alok ft Shapeless - byob (Original mix)
Videoshoot of the club : 
Track : Dustycloud - Devotion (original mix)
Original video : L'enfer - Henry geroge clouzot
Track : Asdek - Famous
Original video : Desert Journey - Daniel Azulai Bittencourt
Track : Stu - Eucalyptus w/ AIRVEI