Child Leash Web Ad's
This was our first project for my Motion Graphics class. We could create and ad for basically anything and I though it would be interesting to do Child Leashes (or harnesses) because I say a YouTube video a few days before of a mother dragging her crying 3yr old through a phone store while hooked up on one of these leashes. What an impressive society we live in. The requirements for the project were that it had to be animated and we had to do both a horizontal and vertical ad that related to one another. Both of mine are activated upon roll over. When the horizontal ad is activated a child runs sprinter style into a gumball machine, tackles it, the glass ball breaks spilling gumballs all over the screen. A child leash then comes in lasso style and flings the kid back across the other side of the screen. Then a message comes up that says "control your child..." and then the actual ad rolls up and says "or let the chaos continue" and features a clickable link to the advertisers website. The vertical ad is almost identical, but when you rollover the child is already on the gumball machine and it begins shaking violently until it tips over and breaks.