You Can't Turn Off Freedom

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  • You Can't Turn Off Freedom
  • You can spend billions on AD and PR campaigns to convince the people how good, how ethical, how responsible you are or to justify your crimes and show off the red lines. You can rule and oppress with an iron fist, justify to the oppressed its for the best, its for their stability and the wealth you have was from your responsibility.
    But sooner or later the people will wake up, turn on and demand their God given rights of justice and freedom, and best believe when that happens you better run, because you will not be able to turn them off unless they will to turn off.
    As for Tunis Egypt Yemen Libya Yemen and Syria, enough is enough, the ones in power better turn off with their trick and lies before they fall off.

    -YusfAli 22/04/2011
    -2007 - 2011