This VMG Culinary magazine was inspired by New York, so while reading you can feel its spirit, which is based on stylish things, sexuality, contrasts and tasty food. For this reason you will find the reportage from the only one Michelin rated restaurant in Poland as well as the reportage from McDonald’s. We are offering you to read the magazine slowly driving in the legendary yellow New York taxi. You must stop near the food truck and eat a bagel or donut, enjoy the romantic night with the pizza in your hand or steak and don’t forget to try the potato fries. For women we are as well offering to try hot pies, which look like straight from the „American Pie“ movie. After the review of this movie, continue with the „Sex and the City“. Lastly, tired after all posh things go to one of the best New York culinary chef’s and try his well-known dishes from the waste. Your guides during this trip will be five famous Lithuanian women, who consider New York their home.

Client: Virtuvės mitų griovėjai
Year: 2015
VMG "New York: #Foodporn"