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    The journal for philosophical perspectives, society and outer space exploration. – Issue 1: 'Reality And Perception'; student project.
This was a student project. I designed the magazine of my dreams at that time. The journal that combines philosophical perspectives and social topics with the fascination of outer space exploration. All things I was interested in influenced the content. The alchemical symbols for air, aquavit and gold are the forces behind these three categories. This first issue is entirely dedicated to the topics of reality and perception. I wanted to create kind of a clean and straight look. While most of the pages came out monochrome, many on-topic collages and illustrations found their way in the magazine. I also experimented with typography and developed a style-defining typeface inspired by mysterious runes.
Concept, Design, Illustration – Andrew Brawl
Photography – Andrew Brawl, Teresa Horstmann, Various
Texts – Various