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    A painting created by converting the lines in a poem by Bukowski to barcodes.
Third and last painting in this brief series about poetry.
The principle is identical, each line in the poem is converted to a barcode using the Code128 specification. I used the poem “N° 6” from the Burning in Water Drowning in Flame collection.
The target is again a square 130x130 cm format. However, I drew the various barcodes on the unstretched canvas, in a smaller 110.2x110.2 size, and only when that was finished did I stretch it on the frame. This distorted the drawing in unforeseeable ways.
I elected to use only red colors (red in a relaxed way), and, still in a relaxed fashion, to respect the alternating blacks and whites. This means some "blacks” may turn out to be actually lighter than some "whites", and thata some whites can be quite saturated.
When the painting of the poem was completed, I drew intersecting straight lines in the surrounding areas, and filled them with colors suitable to evoke paper. Finally, I drew doodles over that.