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    Concepts for a cold-press juicer in Monaco.
Concepts for branding, packaging and website
The SPIRITED concept creates a unique look for Harmonie Juice Company by combining a high-end feeling with “spiritual playfulness”.
The bottle would be printed on top and bottom with a metallic ink to create the look of gold dust or flakes, giving it the feeling of luxury.
The hand-drawn icons create a little lift of playfulness, while the clean sans serif typography and overall design create the simplicity
that is needed to attract your ideal consumer. The look and feel extend and expand online, creating an even greater sense of luxury
and elegance, while still feeling grounded and authentic.
The MODERN VINTAGE concept is grounded in the idea of healing and how juicing can truly elevate and transform your health
and well being. In keeping with the idea of healing, we were inspired by the design of old apothecary labels and packaging. Mixing ornate elements and fonts with more contemporary ones, and incorporating browns and natural colors with the more vibrant juice palette,
creates a sophisticated, yet still approachable aesthetic and tone. The gold in the packaging is intended to be metallic gold or foil stamp,
to elevate the sophistication a bit more. The overall design of the label is centered and reinforces the wholeness of the circle,
which also symbolizes the element of spirit.
The BALANCED concept is just that. From the logo to the fonts, to the color palette – all of the elements work together to create the feeling
of balance and a calm spirit, while still feeling vibrant and alive! Even the unique asymmetry of the label design, still feels balanced and grounded in nature. Again, gold is used in this design to give it a more high-end feel, while the design is kept clean and simple.
A custom label was added to go over the sides of the cap, creating a place for the ingredients and brand reinforcement,
as well as adding to the luxury feel of the packaging.