Aspesi hides Aspesi
With Christian Ahlberg,Giulia Busio,Aristoula Eleftheriou
Aspesi, an Italian fashion brand, has a store locted in via Montenapoleone, among the most big namers in fashion.
A place is full of history, amuzing, but loses in convenience. So, with my team members, we meander through the world Aspesi and we met some similarities with the work of contemporary artist, Christo, which "wraps" the historical or natural monuments to be that paradoxically they are noticed.

Materials are very importent.
We have a series of painted white wood panels wich cove all the store: the boutique, in fact, is completely hidden by this simple material.
Elettrical wires,neon lights but also the historycal vault and even clothes. Going into this store you can experience a strange feeling, it does seem to be inside a fashion boutique.
1.1 The shop windows. Out
1.2 The shop window. Interior.
2.1 The passage front
3. The store
4. The male zone.