I recently attended a conference in Melbourne called Carbon. An awesome event organised by Acclaim Magazine covering a wide range of things mainly focused on streetwear. The highlight was seeing legendary NY street photographer Ricky Powell. I knew he'd be great but WOW......Two scooners of beer on the speakers table during the other two previous speakers presentations and he was ON! Haven't laughed so much in a long time...and the hits kept coming...Any Cornball can wear a camera, shut up ya Jerk Off, Wiggaz and He, She, They were on my dick...was just some of the vocabulary that ensued...so entertaining!!! 

Laughs aside he did make me realise I need to appreciate my own surroundings more!
The illustrator in me couldn't help but feel it was like a crazy cartoon character stepped straight out of the screen into the real life. So I couldn't help but draw him up.