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    Soap box car made from plywood and pine wood.
The Gae car
I researched Gae Aulenti´s work, and then I got the assignment to design and build a soap box car. We could chose a work, method or theories to work from. I chose the lamp Pipistrello.
The footsteps, are inspired by the lamp´s adjustable telescopic movement. The car is not for one size of kids, it will grow with it (at least for a while).The smallest footstep is for the smallest kids, and they can use the rope to steer the car. As they grow they move their feet forward, and finally they can use the largest footstep to steer the car.
 The form of the seat is inspired by the lampshade.
The car is named after Gae Aulenti, which is contrary to what she would do. She thinks it is unnecessary to label your work by name.