A Religious shrine in India
and an Idea i have with my canon 600D
So a few days ago, a buddy of mine in India emailed me aboutthis new Canon 550D that he had recently purchased. I was genuinely happy about it and gave him a few pointers about the camera since I have a similar Canon 600D. So a couple of days ago he emailed me a few snaps he had taken with his camera and for a beginner, they were quite good. I was pleased that he had been experimenting with his camera. So one of the shots he had sent was for a Islamic shrine in a small town called Hassanphir in India. Its a very holy site for the Dawoodi Bohra sect of Shi'a Muslim (To which i belong as well). So I told him i would edit the shot for him, do a little post processing on it and send it back to him. After i was done with a few variations, it got me thinking it would be pretty cool to capture such shots for all the religious shrines in India. Of course it would be a self sponsored project (i cant take money from the community, its a personal thing) and i would have to disappear from work for a couple of weeks, but its an idea i would like to explore and then probably do a picture book and get it published for all the members of the community worldwide. Well here are a few variations of the shrine in Hassanphir. Feedback most apppreciated........HAKU..The first pic is the original pic..