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    An outdoor seat, a 'shelter', at Ægissida shore, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Outdoor seat at Ægissida, Reykjavik.
Iceland Art Academy, 2012.
Exhibited at Reykjavik Art Museum in May 2012, graduation project.
Skjól is an outdoor seat and a windbreak. It was located at Ægissida, 107 Reykjavík during April and May of 2012, as a part of the Iceland Art Academy graduation exhibition. The seat lies flat on the ground when not in use,blending in with its environment. When needed, it can be pulled up creating a seat that will give shelter from the North winds.
The idea is based on nature’s camouflage, which can be a certain colour, pattern, texture or form and how the camouflage works as a shelter for the animal depending on the environment and the situation. By bringing the camouflage into our man made environment, the designer wanted to create a shelter that is appropriate in its environment and will therefore blend in with it, only to be seen when in use and when needed.
Ægissidan used to be a place where fishermen took their boats out to sea. They built 7 stations along the shore where they kept their boats, nets and other things they needed when fishing. Today the stations are all gone except for relics from the last one, Grímsstadavör, where you can still find the old lumpfish sheds, trestles where they hung up the lumpfish and the old rails reaching out to sea.
The fishermen used pieces of wood or bones to put under the boats to bring them to sea. The look of Skjol is a reference to these working methods: the wood and rails. The materials used are Siberian larch and aluminium, not coated, so the materials will weather with time.
I wanted to work with a certain location for this project, use the history of the place, the landscape and weather in designing the shelter, keeping the camouflage in mind.
The wood is situated so that it breaks down the wind and gives shelter when seated up. The seat is
80 cm wide, giving one person good space but really meant for two persons to sit close to each other,
giving each other shelter and bringing them closer together.
Skjól was presented with a video at the exhibition. I wanted to keep the seat in its place but bring the place to the exhibition, i.e. Ægissidan. A map was placed next to the video, showing the exact location of the seat. The seat was located at Ægissidan for the whole of the exhibition, from 21st of April - 6th of May 2012. The aim of the video is to create the experience of the product and the place, with the help of the sound from the environment: the sea and the wind. But the best experience was, of course, enjoying the shelter at Ægissida.
Photoshoot by Pétur Kristján Guðmundsson, film director.