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    Monotype D&AD 2016 Another Touchpoint
Another Touchpoint Newspaper 
The newspaper will raise audience's awareness of class and gentrification in London, and how recent social changes are contributing to the housing crisis. To be handed out to commuters along with The Metro and Evening Standard. It contains detailed facts sourced from articles found on The BBC and from Loretta Lees' research into gentrification. The pace is broken up with double page spreads containing facts that should sway audience's opinions about social housing in London.
Another Touchpoint Tape in Urban Landscape
The tape acts as another method to raise awareness, as it is symoblic of a warning/protection. It suggests that London has become like it's own crime scene because of the housing crisis. Those who have been affected by the housing crisis/homes that are at risk should use the tape to protest and make a statement, that they wish to 'protect' their homes.