CRUSTERS: Monster bread packging for kids. Each box has a scary monster and a happy monster face on opposite sides of the box top. Included, also, are tubes of condiments called “monster guts.”
RUGGED ROVER: A holistic pet store for people who love taking adventures with their dog. Design elements are subtle, yet dynamic. Shown here is packaging for the store’s grain-free dog food as well as a style guide outlining the brand.
RUGGED ROVER: Stationery set for the brand. Business cards have the employee’s information on one side and a photo of their dog and its name on the reverse side.
SEASON DINER: A diner that helps support local farmers by changing its menu seasonally. This also helps ensure that the freshest ingredients are served.
SEASON DINER: This place setting gives patrons an experience as they clear their plate and sip their coffee down.
SNØ: Packaging for a line of winter weekend getaway items for those who like to hunker down by the fire or take brisk walks on snowy trails.
TWEET & WOOF: Whimsical packaging for a speaker system featuring a bird-shaped tweeter and a dog-shaped subwoofer named Tweet and Woof, respectively.
TWEET & WOOF: On the website, either Tweet or Woof becomes a child’s guide and buddy. Kids can play games, record their own mixes, listen to music and explore the mechanics of sound. 
WORLD WILDLIFE FUND: A capital campaign targeting architects, stressing the importance of cohabitation between humans and animals. A casebook includes a donation card with the money going toward a repopulation facility for a falcon on the endangered species list due to human encroachment. The hard, industrial shapes represent the urban expansion, but are dissected in such a way to accomodate the falcon.  
WORLD WILDLIFE FUND: Fold-out mass mailers promote the campaign. Also, a special mailer includes a graph paper pad and drafting pencil so recipients can sketch out their eco-friendly architectural designs on the go.
JULES VERNE PEN: The box when closed with bellyband. Translated into packaging, a wood-burned scene captures the tale’s sense of adventure.
JULES VERNE PEN: The classic nature and ship-like contours of this fountain pen evoked an image of Jules Verne writing his adventure novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 
BETSEY JOHNSON: Betsey Johnson’s sometimes excessive designs inspired a sweets and desserts centered campaign. A branded ice cream truck drives around to nightclubs as part of a guerrilla campaign promoting the “Last lick of summer, first taste of fall,” a sale and fall preview event in stores. Betsey Johnson’s “Pink Ladies,” a colorful term for its employees, distribute cocktail flavored ice cream to party goers. Also shown is a print ad that would appear starting in the September issue of fashion magazines. 
BETSEY JOHNSON: Gift cards resembling candy are available in stores at the time of the event with monetary values found on the attached tags.
I'M SORRY CARDS: Illustrated cards that voice your much-needed apology the morning after a night of debauchery. Includes “I’m sorry I barfed on your cat,” “I’m sorry it’s yours,” and “I’m sorry I cock-blocked you.”