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    An independent group of young Italian artists; a Sicilian indie-rock band; one of the greatest land-art works in the world and a small, fierce t… Read More
    An independent group of young Italian artists; a Sicilian indie-rock band; one of the greatest land-art works in the world and a small, fierce town always fighting to keep its memory alive. Combining land-art, dance and music is the ultimate goal of “The Dance of the Living Stones”, a project born to illustrate the image of Sicily and a piece of Italian history in a creative way. In collaboration with the town of Gibellina, we want to shoot a tanztheater (theater-dance) video set in Alberto Burri’s Grande Cretto, a land-art work rising on the ruins of the old town of Gibellina flattened by the devastating 1968 earthquake of Belice. The short teaser shown here gives you an idea of the video we want to shoot at the Cretto during the first week of August 2016. Our goal is to realize a complete and “total” art project mixing music, dance, theater, sculpture and land-art. Project description The Cretto, a gigantic clump of concrete reminding the skin of the elderly women who live in this area of Sicily, has always been considered a symbol of a tragedy: in this project it wants to be a place of rebirth instead, freeing the town of Gibellina from its sad past. In “The Dance of the Living Stones”, the static land-art work will become dynamic, with dancing bodies and music celebrating the way too-little-known art masterpiece by Alberto Burri. As shown in the teaser, dancers will be covered in liquid clay and will emerge from the Cretto following an amazing choreography. Dance will embody a dialogue between the new and the old, the present and the past, narrating the history of this very specific and amazing part of Sicily. Our choreography aims at illustrating a day of pure magic and life in a huge, silent theater, away from everything and everyone. We want to resuscitate, even for just a minute, the lost souls and the spirit of Gibellina taken away by the earthquake almost 50 years ago. This work is necessary also to provide documentary evidence of a significant moment in Italian art history: the Cretto has just been completed after more than 30 years, and it will soon be restored. The first (and older) grey part will be blended with the more recent white one, giving this land-art work a new homogeneous look. Creative team Mashrooms (music) Angelo De Grande, art historian and video director (he just won the first prize at the International Imperia Festival of Digital Cinema). Carlo Prevosti (Documentarist and co-founder of InsolitoCinema) Stefano Zoja (Journalist, documentarist and co-founder of InsolitoCinema) Davide Bianca (drone operator) Giovanni de l’Ile (Camera) Francesca Fago (Photographer) The Dance-theater performers of Scuola d’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi di Milano. WE NEED YOU! Sometimes, ideas grow and shape themselves into something we didn’t expect, and we must chase them in order to realize them. Our team has been chasing this idea for almost a year now, we put up a crew of cameramen, photographs and performers and we are ready to shoot. But we need you as well! If we’ll manage to gather enough money, we will be able to pay everyone participating in this little, big project. If “The Dance of the Living Stones” will come to life, it will be thanks to people like you. BACKER REWARDS We don’t expect that you financially contribute to this project just because we will mention your name in the video credits. The idea is to give you a reward based on the amount of money you will decide to donate: an original print by ADE, a Mashroom record, a photo of the video backstage or products by our sponsors Rocche della Sala and Argital. Every donation, even the smallest one, will have its weight and importance in this adventure: please, share as much as you can! https://www.produzionidalbasso.com/project/the-dance-of-the-living-stones/ Read Less