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    Illustration used in Boneshaker Magazine issue 8 and in Boneshaker Magazine postcard set.
Boneshaker Mag
A steampunk inspired astronaut adventure?
This image has had a complicated life! It was originally created as a self-set editorial piece during my final year at university and included another astronaut on a kind of silver-surfer style board! Preferring the penny-farthing character I later altered the image to it's current state for fun then, on a whim, sent it out to a few art directors as publicity. John Coe, of Boneshaker Mag, got back to me and asked if they could use the image. It ended up as a full-page image opposite the contents in Issue 8. Later on, he also asked to use the image for a set of Boneshaker Mag postcards and so the set is now available to purchase on the  Boneshaker Mag Website.