Crosby High 2011 Band Shirt
This is crazy old.
  So, last year, I was hired to design the shirt for Crosby High School's marching band. This was my first time designing for a school so it was a learning experience. I went for a hand-drawn feel with the design. Two complete designs were finished and one was chosen. Cool beans.
 1. I sketched out the first design. I decided to draw the drum major's hat, using some pictures from their site as reference. I felt it would represent the band well.
 2. Colored it in Photoshop and added some vector touches.
 3. After deliberation, the band decided they favored the band's hat more than the drum major's. So, back to the drawing board.
 4. The finished mock-up of the design itself. This is the one they ended up choosing. I liked this one more also.