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    Collaboration with the gold-and silversmith at Erna. A silverbutton, a gift, with sentimental value for the giver and the receiver.
Collaboration with the gold-and silversmith Erna. The items that Erna sells are popular for gifts. Anthropologists have shown that gifts can affect relationships between individuals in a great way. When selecting a gift, the giver istrying to get his feelings for the other person into an object.

There is an Icelandic saying that goes like this; this is another rose in the buttonhole for him/her. We use this saying as a complement when someone has done a good job at something. Hnappur is a silverbutton that is a reference to this saying. It’s a rose in the buttonhole from the giver to the receiver, at a plain victory or at a milestone event. Hnappur should then replace a button ona garment and become a part of it. Every time the garment is worn, it brings memories to the receiver of both the occasion when the button was “awarded” and of the giver.

Three quotes about gifts and how they affect us, and a short text about the button are included in the booklet that comes with it.

The button can be washed with the garment at 40°C.