• but is it art?
  • I'm sure we have all been inspired by David Hockneys recent RA exhibition and I am no exception.

    Having seen his exuberant and youthful approach to embracing technology as an artistic medium I dutifully touch up the challenge and followed suit.

    Here are my efforts to date. Its interesting, shall we say, but lacks a certain connection that real medium gives you. Even so you can achieve some satisfactory results and if like e you can wait for your watercolour to dry and have no need of a hair dryer to help the curing process, its quick by comparison.

    More to follow I'm sure.

  • beech trees - this was my first piece, about 30mins
  • version of water lilies taken from photo reference - about 20mins
  • sketch idea for my nautilus shell sculpture
  • a one minute finger sketch of nude from memory