Lam Truong Concepts

This is the concept design of famous pop singer Lam Truong in 02/2009. The main idea is futuristic day of Lam Truong with hight-tech players.The concept is created by Versacephuong and Ling,design by me and the photo is shooted by Ling Dezign with his great team. Duo-Art Director:Versacephuong, Ling DezignModel:Lam TruongPhotographer:Ling Dezign

Concept iPod

Concept Piano Rubber

Concept Glass Speaker

Concept PS3

Concept Cine Glass

Concept Camera & Macbook Pro

So, if you like those, you can use them for your purposes such as illustrating your blogs, your posts. But remember that : 

    1.    use original pictures, don't redesign them
    2.    tell me first before you use them
    3.    please write my name under the pictures