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    Elements of Creativity. My final project at IED Florence. poster + deck of cards

My final project at Istituto Europeo di Design Florence.
During "Creative Process" classes with our teacher Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini we had the idea to make a tool for helping people who works in the creative field and I decided to develop this class project as my final work.

I choose the Periodic Table because it is a very precise and recognizable object. Starting from its basic structure, I organized the "elements of creativity". The table is divided into the following 5 categories: Colors, Styles, Icons, Actions and Textures. Each category has a distinctive color to make it immediately recognizable.
The cards can be used during brainstorming sessions to help free our minds and think outside our usual patterns.

The goal.
To create a tool which helps people who work in creative field to expand their horizons and find inspiration.

The result.
One poster that shows all the elements at a glance and a deck of cards, divided by category, that helps thinking outside the box.