The brief was pretty open, we were asked to research the word 'language' and then develop, from the body of research, a practical applied outcome in any format, in two of these contexts: Social Design, Branding, Information Design, Typographic Media and Communication Environments.

I started to research into dialects, accents and the way people speak. I focused on Great Britain, and the difference between the dialects in different regions of the country. I also got interested in the stresses of words and phonetics including the phonetic symbols and also how we pronounce different sounds in our mouths.
I gathered words, sentences and phrases from different parts of Great Britain and I then chose to apply this to the two given contexts: Information Design and Typographic Media. The outcome I produced was a map showing the regions of Great Britain with samples of the different words and vocabulary used in that certain area.

I then needed a way that would convert the regional vocabulary and dialects into standard English so people would understand the particular word when looking at the map. I came up with a system so that the regional dialect/word would be in one colour, and the meaning would be in black, and this would be consistent throughout the map with only the colour being changed for the different regions. I then added a key down the side with the various names of the regions and the dialects from the particular region. The information was linked according to the colour of the region making it easy to connect the information to the geographic location. The map was printed at A0.