"From Zhongkai Road to New River Pu Road"
just like 《from Baicaoyuan to Sanweishuwu》by luxun(鲁迅),
i draw this “from zhongkai road to new river pu road” 
Also it takes to commemorate a long period of time I take the bus to work time.

this building is a cafe shop, belonging to the company I was working on.
In ZhongKai road waiting for bus,Wait a long time every day.
Many elderly people take the tour bus.
I bought a kindle to pass the time of Waiting time.
811 bus drivers is also very interesting.
In China there is a shamate(杀马特)style, There is a driver of this style.
Before that I never thought shamate(杀马特) could become a driver.
I went to buy a bakery with daily breakfast everyday,
same cake,same drink,
Salesperson knows what I'm looking for.
The company has a way to the creek,
When there is plenty of time when I stood on the bridge to enjoy the scenery.
In Concord Road to New River Pu Road, sunny Avenue.
Sometimes I come across a happy puppy,
It has rhythm, jumping tap the way forward,
It is from the heart that infected me happy.
The weather is good in itself worthy of happy things on.

Our company is located in New River Pu Road, an old villa,
old people who living in this street of  say ,
This villa Soong Ching Ling (宋庆龄)hade  stayed a night.
I often fantasize she lived here scenes
The yard has a villa Paramita (菠萝蜜)tree,It will grow delicious fruits.
this cat we called he xiandan(咸蛋),he is the real owner of the villa .
Press the two-dimensional code,you can follow my weichat.
thankyou for watching.
"From Zhongkai Road to New River Pu Road"

"From Zhongkai Road to New River Pu Road"

from zhongkai road to new river pu road , My daily record

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