Design Studies // Vinyl Packaging
University of Greenwich // Year 3 April 2012
Thebrief given was to design a CD or Vinyl packaging for a specific song or album.I chose the song Drops of Jupiter by the artist Train as the song is oftenmisinterpreted and wanted to portray it with its true integrity. The writersings about the loss of his mother and how he believes she is looking down onhim; however there have been many misinterpretations of the song, manybelieving it was about a lover or women.

 I wanted to convey the aspect of lovewithin my design so I incorporated roses, both symbolic in life and death. Iopted for a white vinyl design to enhance purity, heavens and angels, keepingthe design clean and concise. The way in which the vinyl folds allows no glueto be used making it economically friendly and easy to open. Thefolding technique of the design makes it different to other designs; the userhas to interact with the design to be able to receive the vinyl allowing themto appreciate the graphics.