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    Swaminath Across the busy alleys of the up market Safdarjung area of the capital, Surrounded by green hills of the banyan trees, with a flutteri… Read More
    Swaminath Across the busy alleys of the up market Safdarjung area of the capital, Surrounded by green hills of the banyan trees, with a fluttering and flickering sound of an age old transistor lies the valley of an unusually ordinary man. With a 500 watt bulb illuminating his castle, Swaminath stood like a scholar. The wrinkles on his body boldly exclaimed and bore witness of his travails and wisdom through life. Chronicling his own life, Swaminath recalls his 16 year old self back in 1977, brimming with self confidence and with a handful of dreams locked up in his heart as he took the big leap to Delhi. Sooner than he had expected destiny showered its grace on him. A government job with a luring salary of Rs.157 was the dream of an average Indian that knocked the doors of Swaminath. “Pitaji Ne Kaha Beta Dhobi ke Khandan Se Ho, Apna Kaam karo, Kabhi bhooke nahin rahoge” he remarked while explaining his declining of the offer. From there, Two roads diverged in the wood, He took the less travelled by, And that indeed has made all the difference in his life. Swaminath followed the decree of his ancestors and decided to finally pick up the iron. As he thanks his stars and his clients for being extremely kind towards his state, He with a rather lamented tone asserts that his work makes him toil hard for 18 hours in a day. How much does he earn ? Swaminath chooses to pass the question with a cynical smile. Swaminath looks back at his 40 year old mundane routine with a glimmer of satisfaction. He till today fears not what the future beholds for him. A sudden pride fills his voice and his language when he exclaims that he never closes his ‘Dukaan’ except for Holi. With a calculated yet carefree tone he says, “Mere bête mere Liye Bahut hain yaar, yeh Baat batana mat kisiko meri biwi ek gai, magar ladke 8”. Although against his diktat, this trivia had to be shared. “Main Dal Roti chala Leta Hun, Abh Sabzi Roti Khane laga paeth bhar ke toh ismein se kuch bachega nahin” says Swaminath. He chooses to laugh over his own state as he still dreams bigger and brighter. Reflecting back at the depth of his thoughts, one does realize that the man whom I addressed as the ‘unusually ordinary man’ was indeed a ‘usual ordinary hero’ in real self. Like the average man on the road, the average person you never thought had a story. Swaminath is the same man, the man whom you accidently stroked the other day, He is the man who asked you the way to his destination. Swaminath is the average hero or perhaps a step further, A super hero. Swaminath is indeed the real ‘Iron Man’. “Too Raah Na ward E Shouq Hai, Manzil Na Kar Qubool, Laila bhi Hamnasheen ho toh, Mahmil na Kar Qubool” Read Less
swami nath
the indian iron man