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Internet Marketer, Programmer, Electrical Engineer, Project Manager
Ravi has a degree in Electrical Engineering Computer Science, with majors in both Control Systems and Communication Systems. He published his undergrad thesis on "Electrocardiogram Adaptive Fourier Data Compression and Automated Prognosis."
Ravi's engineering career consisted of designing the latest and greatest custom hardware and software to automate R&D experiments and manufacturing processes. His extensive professional experience ranges from designing Honeywell's jet engine controls for the largest Airbus airplanes, to writing programs controlling hundreds of complex instruments that analyse Medtronic's heart pacemakers, Ericsson's cell phones, AT&T's fibre optic communication, Atoma's air bag pyrotechnics, and even remotely controlling an entire engineering facility in Mexico from Canada.
After successfully completing numerous projects in the US and Canada, he envisioned a more sustainable, leveraged business model with unlimited growth potential. So, he started a web hosting company http://HostingWE.com and helped launch several start-up company websites, including a company teaching Futures Day Trading.
Ravi owns online video training on Internet Marketing http://WantGURU.com and Stock Options Trading at http://TradingPAY.com
Just for fun he started a singles adventure group, http://TorontoSinglesDating.com to organize activities
like volleyball games, movie nights and group vacations.
I am seeking a better business model that is incentivized for greater cooperation in attaining a significantly higher level of sustainable success and joy. 
· Top 5% in Canada, Waterloo University Physics Competition
· Accepted to all University choices with high school grades over 80%
· Electrical Engineer – Controls & Communication Systems
· A+ Thesis Published Hardcover 1996 Electrocardiogram
· 4 Person Most Innovative Startup Company in Canada 1993
· Honeywell USA, LabVIEW & National Instruments Expert 1998
· Medtronic’s Sr. Systems Design Engineer 2002
· Awarded Medtronic’s Performance Quality Stand Gold Pen 2002
· Honeywell Canada, Program to remotely control a jet engine facility 2010
· Projects in Biomedical, Aerospace, Automotive, Telecommunications
· 50% Programming, 40% Management, 10% Hardware
· Provider of Video Training, Websites, Hosting & IT Services
· Project Management, E-Commerce, some: MBA, PMP & 6Sigma

· Created http://TorontoSinglesDating.com with 3500+ members
· Created http://TradingPAY.com Stock Options Video Training
· Created http://HostingWE.com Web Video Hosting Internet Marketing

· Created http://WantGURU.com Internet Marketing Video Training
CEO of http://TradingPAY.com
CEO of http://TorontoSinglesDating.com 
Honeywell Inc. Canada, Designed hardware and software for the largest jet airplanes in the world: Airbus A380, A350,  
Facebook Developer 2007
Medtronic Inc.USA Phoenix AZ, Senior Programmer Developer, Awarded Performance Program Quality Stand Award
Honeywell Inc. USA, Phoenix AZ Business Commuter Avionic Systems 
Lead all programming, training, and development for Test Engineering departments.
Microsys Technologies Inc. Systems Design Engineer
Ravi Amin's Work

Ravi Amin's Work

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