Flowone contacted us about creating a touch screen based technology that would improve the paitent flow and clinics and hospitals.  Nurses and doctors currently use white boards and magnets to tell when a patient has been moved to a room, however this leads to error and not the greatest patient experience.
We brain stormed with their team and came together to create this patient pending technology.  The 'e' Synchorny Board.
At first the team had to get a understanding of what is actually happening in hospitals and clinics today.  The Flowone team brought in experts in the field.  The Zymo team met with them and we had tons of great conversations and white boarding sessions.
We knew what we had to build a touch screen technology that was fast, responsive and easy to use and could eventually be used on a multitude of devices.
The board was inspired by how easy it is to move cards in Trello.  We really looked at what technology would work best for this project and we landed on building a web app using Angular.JS , Bootstrap, and used Flexbox.  This allowed us to be flexable and have it easily accessible on multiple devices.
We set out to cover the base needs of nurses and doctors and add in some major time saving data. The 'e' Synchorny board allows nurses to see how long a patient has been in a room, it warns them if they've exceeded the time limit of being in a room with out human contact. It also provide valuable information to the team, how many appointments are left for the day, is a patient a new patient or here for a return visit.
After our first version was ready to go we tested in a few clinics and got overwhelmingly positive feedback, but some minor tweaks we knew we wanted to adjust.
The 'e' Synchorny board is currently running live at a few clinics and is still being improved.  Please check out Flowone for more information and check out the great dev team at Zymo.
Project Manager: Kurt Hendrickson
Product Designers : Peter Chanthasena
Product Developers: Steve Krenek, Jason Flegle, Chris Held
Thank you.