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    In 2015 I worked on the Netflix serie Bionicle. I did the storyboard and some design for characters and backgrounds.

I worked as character designer on the project Lego Bionicle on in my spare time in-between storyboards and at the begining of the project. The examples below show the design I made for Tahu, Ikir and Umarack in the early stage of the project. I also worked on Lewa, the lava, earth and lightning beast. These were base on actual 2016 Lego Bionicle toys and they had to be adapted for animation while being faithful to the original design. As designer on this series I also did a few background on all four episodes.

I spend most of 2015 working on Netflix show Lego Bionicle for Frima studio. I had the pleasure to work in various aspect of the show. Mostly as lead storyboard artist. These where made in a very short deadline (half the budget of a regular storyboard) so they're not as details as what I usually do. Still you can easily read all the actions and poses as well as the camera movements. There was 4 episodes for the entire season and supervise the work of 2 sometime tree artist per episode.

Episode 4 Scene 1

Episode 3 Scene 16