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    In 2015 I worked on the Netflix serie Bionicle. I did the storyboard and some design for characters and backgrounds.
I spend most of 2015 working on Netflix show Lego Bionicle for Frima studio. I had the pleasure to work in various aspect of the show. Mostly as lead storyboard artist and as a designer for backgrounds and characters while I was waiting for new scripts. This is a little preview of the work I did on the show. You will find here a few storyboard frames and some designs.

Storyboard were my biggest contribution on the show. These where made in a very short deadline so they're not as details as what I usually do. Still you can easily read all the actions and poses as well as the camera movements. There was 4 episodes for the entire season and supervise the work of 2 sometime tree artist per episode.
Episode 4 Scene 1

Episode 3 Scene 16

I first started to work as character designer on the project Lego Bionicle and later on in my spare time in-between storyboards. These examples show the design I made for Tahu, Ikir and Umarack in the early stage of the project. I also worked on Lewa, the lava, earth and lightning beast. These were base on actual 2016 Lego Bionicle toys and adapted for animation.

I also worked on a few background (Matte painting) in between storyboards. Here are a few examples from episode 2.