Vista Alegre identity project, Nucleus Design
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Vista Alegre is one of the most well known fine earthenware companiesin the world. Back in 1991, I was working for Design Nucleus, at theLisbon branch and they gave the responsibility of redrawing the VistaAlegre logo and its brands. The logo of Vista Alegre and its backstampwere based on a version of 1824, the year it was given the royal seal.
Thelogo for Sociedade de Porcelanas Coimbra went through a fewchanges for the brand was also well known and traditional. The problemwas typographic. Most of the time, the brand would appear representedwith different typefaces depending on the typesetter mood. Almost oneyear later, I had to create these packages below for its hotel earthenware.
I hope it lasts some decades too as it has been the case with Vista Alegre brand.