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Shirt Storm t-shirt design by Nicole Lavelle - men's and women's (see photo insert) styles available in Apricot.
Will ship at the end of the month.

Designed by OMFG Co and illustrated by Will Bryant, this fancy little number is sure to rock everyone's world. Limited edition of 30. Order yours now and have it by Jan 31. 
Shirt Storm Design by Keegan of Keegan Meegan and Company.
It's that bit if inspiration, that 'Ah-ha!' moment, when the light comes on and you know exactly what you want to build. But does that really feel like a light bulb clicking on, or are you the type that feels the same energy as a punk kid stage diving to the Bad Brains in 1985? Perhaps more of a tribute to the fact that our fearless director Kelley spent her teenage years seeing this prolific band play at the 9:30 Club in DC than to the Bad Brains themselves, our limited edition tee features the iconic lightening bolt. Designed by local illustrator and ADX member Josh Doll, who has been doing shirts for punk bands since he was like, 16, this tee should help you find the inspiration you've been searching for!

Limited Edition of 30. Shirts will be shipped on 2/29/12
Studly t-shirt with ADX Sawblade logo.
Tshirt with bitchin ADX sawblade logo.
Buy your favorite maker access to ADX. See our website (http://www.adxportland.com/) for costs of membership, classes and more.
Comes with 5.