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Daily UI Challenge [11-20]
DailyUI Challenge
Day 10: Social share
social button, social net, interaction design, framerjs, user interface design, facebook, twitter, vkontakte, ui animation, gif animation, ux ui, dailyui, share buttons
Day 11: Flash message
motion design, ui animation, progress bar, downloading, preloader, success and fail states, after effects, ui design, user experience, interaction design
Day 12: E-Commerce Shop (Single item)
e-commerce, online shopping, interactive design, after effects, ui animation, ux ui, motion design, cards, overlay, modal design, gallery cards, gif animation, mobile design, ios app design, mobile ui, mobile user experience
Day 13: Direct Messaging
messenger, dialog, ui ux, simple and clean design, ios design, ios user interface, mobile user experience, messenger ui, mobile interface, mobile messenger, ios
Day 14: Countdown Timer
timer app, simle application, android design, material design, ui ux, after effects, prototype, interactive design, android app design, minimalist ui design, clean ui
Day 15: On/Off Switch
switcher, on off button, ui concept, ux ui, emo design, bmo, interaction design, gif animation, ui animation, after effects, toggle button, user interface concept
Day 16: Pop-Up / Overlay
overlay, modal window, dailyui challenge, modal card, popup, ui ux, call to action, cta button, big shadow, user interface design, minimalistic design, web ui
Day 17: Email Receipt
email, e-commerce, chopping cart, online shopping, modal ui, card design, background, receipt design, user interface design, web design, web interface
Day 18: Analytics Chart
statistics, graph ui, analytics tools, ios app design, ios user interface, mobile interface, mobile ui, ui ux, iphone, dailyui, analytic charts, dark design, mobile user experience
Day 19: Leaderboard
material design, android app design, android user interface, ux ui, dailyui challenge, leader board, user list, android materal app, android ui, rating app, mobile interface
Day 20: Location Tracker
taxi app, ios design, car application, ios ui, map interface, search screen, mobile user experience, ios app design, ui ux, dailyui, taxi service, mobile app
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Daily UI Challenge [11-20]
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Oleg Frolov