IED-My Country

Photographer: Boris Kocis
Models:For all models on these photos I want to say big thank you.

You have enabled this project to succeed.
Locations: Streets of Novi Sad, GSP - City travel community, Arena cineplex, Cafe Panter, Taxi Novus

This project was inspired by IED competition CREATIVE DIARY.
Every nation has its distinctive culture, customs, language,and costume…..Today, people lead modern lives regardless of what nationality they are. Even though cultural difference is what sets them apart and makes them unique, they are still a part of a generation that is advancing and functioning in todays modern world of technical innovations. The best example is my country, Serbia; where multiculturalism is widely spread. For instance, Slovenians who live in Serbia are a nation of different customs and beliefs. Serbs, Macedonians, Croatians, Slovaks, Ruthenians, Bosnians, Hungarians etc. are some of the nations that populate Serbia. A positive aspect of diversity is the fact that all these nations contribute by having different approaches and practices,which is very essential for further cultural development of a country. The quality of ideas and innovations does not rely on the amount of people, but on their personalities. Multiculturalism is an attribute of the country that enables a growth of new ideas and encourage people to express themselves throw creative outlets.
Supporting Multiculturalism doesn’t mean neglecting traditional customs of a country, but enriching it with innovation and other cultures beliefs. It can also be considered as inviting people of other nationalities to contribute to further development and growth of the country. 
This piece expresses the idea which states: regardless of what skin color, religion, or nationality, we all represent a unity that mirrors a current period of the country we live in. Regardless of the costume differences of these nations, they are all having an integral role in enriching todays modern world.
                                                                 Location:  Arena Cineplex, Novi Sad
                                                                         Location cafe Panter, Novi Sad