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    Misc. woodcuts from 2009.
"woodcunts!" 7.5x7.5"
"robots > humans" 4 layer woodcut, bleed print, 13.5x20"
"enslave yourself!" 1 to 3 layer woodcut, 6x8.5" printed on 30 7x10" pages torn out of a book on U.S. presidents.first: one layer, second: three layers, third: two layers
"nom nom nom (editioned version)" woodcut with india ink wash, 10x16" 
“nom nom nom” woodcut and 4 color screenprint, 10”x 16”, 2009
“cut out and keep (Valentine's Day print)” (edition of 10) 2 block woodcut, 7”x 5”, 2009
“demonize” 3 block woodcut and acrylic paint, 16”x 8”, 2009
“you are insignificant” (edition of 4) woodcut and sintra stencils, 7.5”x 11”, 2009
“The Sianach!” woodcut, 2 x 3 feets!, 2009