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I developed a passion for drawing at a very young age, I remember like it was yesterday, I was only 5 years old drawing stick figures with faces and the animals I seen on tv.
I was maybe 7 year olds when i drew this picture, i love animals
color pencil on paper
The still life in the left corner was done when i was in 6th grade at johnston middle school, it was my first still life.  The love birds and rabbits were also done while i attended johnston middle school.  the still life is done in pencil on watercolor paper, the love birds color pencil on black construction paper, and the rabbits are done in color pencil on vanilla construction paper
more of my progress in middle school, end of 6th grade to the beginning of 7th grade
8th grade
landscape water color on water color paper
one of my all time favorites because it has a texture to it (only where the rocks are)
9th grade i started on this piece and i finished it two years after i graduated in 2004
each piece here is done in pencil on water color paper