(June 2014) During this project we combined art and creative technology to create an interactive art installation. With the aim to re-vitalize city centers, the installation should give passers-by an intuitive and playful way to experience art. The installation is based on a canvas and a pillar containing a Leap Motion sensor. With this extraordinary and extremely sensitive (up to 1/100th of a millimeter) infrared sensor we are able to detect the movement of the users hands and individual fingers. The pillar holding the Leap Motion gets placed one and a half meters in front of the canvas allowing the user to create an artwork by using only gestures of their hands in the air. To accomplish this, the installation was first designed in Autodesk Maya and then built using wood and cardboard. For the interaction we use the Leap Motion, an Arduino-Board and Processing 2.
Different media covered this project. San Francisco based Leap Motion published a very detailed article on their official blog. Local news station RTVOost had a short segment in their evening program and online magazine Sax Media published a news article covering our installation.
Andreas Twardzik (Project Manager),
Philipp Trübiger (Art Director),
Wenbo Liu (Developer),
Tim van Scherpenzeel (PR and Communications),
Tijmen Lindemulder (UX Designer).