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    A collection of Angelic character designs based off the leaders of the fallen angels.
I'm creating designs for the 20 leaders of The Watchers. This is part of my Angelarium project, a living world for the divine order. You can see the rest of the project on the official website www.angelarium.net
In ancient times, The Watchers were angels that came down to Earth to help mankind learn the ways of the universe. They fell to pride and nearly destroyed creation in the process.
Sariel, Angel of the Waning Moon
Af, Angel of Anger
Ananiel, Angel of Storms
Azazel, Angel of Sacrifices
Bezaliel, Angel of Shadows
Chazaqiel, Angel of Fog
Rahab, Angel of the Deep
Samyaza, Angel of Pride
Turiel, Angel of the Mountain
Suphlatus, Angel of Dust