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    All originals available for purchase. Contact the artist at cudworthfix@gmail.com
Christopher Cudworth Fine Art
As an artist Christopher Cudworth has sold more than 1000 works and has exhibited in national and regional exhibitions. His original work is for sale at the Eckheart Gallery, 107 Water Street, Decorah, Iowa. Focusing on natural subjects and landscapes, Christopher's knowledge of birds comes through in portraits that highlight both the living subject and its surroundings. In fact, the work often melds the two in ways that celebrate the amazing adaptations in pattern, shape and color that make wildlife so interesting. Working in acrylic and watercolor, pastel and other media, the artist is both inventive and true to his source, the natural world. Christopher studied art at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and had an internship at the prestigious Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology in Ithaca, New York. 
This painting of a Bald Eagle in a pine was drawn direct from eagles breeding in Batavia, Illinois, where Christopher lives and works. The original acrylic on masonite is 24" X 36". 
This great horned owl painting exhibits the principles of natural camouflage in the owl as it reflects the patterns of nature in its plumage. Original 9" X 12". $300.00
Cooper's Hawk. Acrylic on hardboard. 16" X 20". Original by Christopher Cudworth 2011. 
Eastern bluebird in spring. 24" x 36". Acrylic on hardboard. Original by Christopher Cudworth
Butterfly Banquet. Acrylic on hardboard. 24" X 36". Original by Christopher Cudworth 2011.
In the deep of winter, a backyard fire casts ruddy light on the snow. Acrylic on hardboard. Original by Christopher Cudworth. 
In a suburban backyard patriotism hangs tough as a faded flag holds its colors in the dim light of winter. Acrylic on masonite by Christopher Cudworth. 2010. 
The great horned owl acrylic painting is 9 X 12" on gessoed hardboard. Original by Christopher Cudworth
The eastern bluebird painting is 9" X 12" on gessoed masonite. Original by Christopher Cudworth. $300.