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    Series of 4 acrylic paintings (2 pairs) that look at the recent developments from CERN, using the Large Hadron Collider, near Geneva.
The content within this mini-project is from the end of the first semester, of the final year of my BA(Hons) Degree course in Fine Art.
The work is different to my Hubble-inspired paintings, in that I've been much more literal in the concept leading to the completed works:
First, I laid a random texture on the canvas. This was so that the light would catch and reflect differently, to suggest the multiple particles' orbits in the LHC. 
 "HIGGS 1":
The subject of the quest - the Higgs boson particle - was set in the centre of a gunsight-, or viewfinder-type graphic, to suggest it is, indeed, the object of our desire. The particle being targeted is painted red in one image; blue in the second to suggest that we are still not certain of its nature.
   "boson 1":
I felt that the use of metallic acrylics was appropriate as we are attempting to strip down elements to their most basic constituents.
 "HIGGS 2":
The final part of my commentary is that the viewfinders' outlines are filled in, in the second pair of paintings, as a simple analogy to the gaps in our knowledge becoming more complete with each fresh revelation from CERN.
Although this topic is much more clearly defined than my previous Hubble-inspired work I felt it was still appropriate to explore as this is also about origins and creation, and, could possibly be a means to unlock some of Life's greatest enigmas?
"boson 2":