Sunday Boring Sunday
  Sundays are usually spent watching crapy television with a lot of laziness and inertia to the mix.
The minutes seem like hours and hours seem like days. The notion of time is distorted on Sundays because everything goes slowly and unhurriedly.
 "Sunday Boring Sunday" is a project developed within the Illustration Lab with Julio Dolbeth at Escola Superior Artes Design (ESAD). Through the use of images of everyday objects like the sofa, television, and the clock, this fanzine portrays the slow passage of time and laziness on the weekend. This narrative also describes some gestures of everyday life that have their own pace as the use of the toothbrush, the ticking clock, the changing of the calendar pages. All these elements translate in a slow and repetitive rhythm that so well describe the usual "Sunday Boring Sunday". 
 Here you can see some examples of double spreads and details of the various fanzines. 
 You can find them for sale in the gallery Dama Aflita.