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    Hand painted wood flags.
Njálsgata - Miðborg
Drápuhlíð - Hlíðar
 Hjarðarhagi - Vesturbær
Sólheimar - Laugardalur 
Háaleitisbraut - Háaleiti- og Bústaðir
Neðstaberg - Breiðholt
Fiskakvísl - Árbær
Esjugrund - Kjalarnes
Naustabryggja - Grafarvogur
Þorláksgeisli - Grafarholt
Fánar are ten wood flags that reflect a personal view into the colors of Reykjavik and its many shades.

From the ten districts of Reykjavík city, ten streets were chosen, one from each district. Pictures were taken of the front doors and walls of each and every house in each street and color palettes were created from them.

The conclusions from this research into the coloring of Reykjavik were drawn together into the ten flags. The color and form of each flag, is descriptive of each street, while at the same time providing insight into the district as a whole.

Further research of the districts showed that the color palette of Reykjavik is different depending on what era they are from. The age of each district is therefore shown in the flag size, one centimeter pr. year.

In each flag, shapes and lines were used that were apparent in the relevant street. The number of colors in the flags varies, since the streets vary in their length and how colorful they are. All the colors are mixed and painted by hand. The colors in each flag indicate the frequency of the colors in each street, not the quantity.
Fánar are a final project at the Iceland Academy of the arts 2012.

Images by Héðinn Eiríksson