Pen and Ink Portrait of Harambe - by Julio Lucas
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    Harambe tribute drawing
Here is my ink pen, black sharpie and pencil sketch inspired from a conservation last night!
Last night I was having a conversation about the incident at Cincinnati Zoo with Harambe. According to a former ZOO Caregiver "Harambe was beautiful, gentle and a bit of a tease."

Was Harambe protecting the child? Was he planning on hurting the child? Who knows...

That said, even though Harambe showed a placid demeanor let's not forget that gorillas are huge, powerful and have the potential to be extremely dangerous, says former zookeeper Amanda O'Donoughue, whose perspective on Harambe's death in a Facebook post has been shared more than 1 million times.

Yes he dragged the child however gorillas and monkeys drag, toss and rough handle their offspring in the wild. Needless to say the incident was sad, gorillas have the strength of 10 men and that Harambe could have seriously injured the boy, even if he didn't mean him any harm.

Instead of pointing fingers, O'Donoughue suggests "that people who loved Harambe or gorillas should focus on conservation efforts to help other gorillas instead."

The workers at the Cincinnati Zoo did what they had to do. Disappointingly the results ended in the killing of an endangered western lowland silverback gorilla named Harambe.

The definition of his name Harambe means: a rallying cry used in Kenya. interj. a cry of harambee. [Swahili: pull together]
Thank you for appreciating my drawing! :)