February ‘42 is an illustrated publication book that narrates the events that took place in the early stages of “WWII” in Singapore during the Japanese occupation. 
The book provide tools for a careful and conscientious reading of the events, through a series of visual sparks useful to interpret the scene and extend the perception of the environment during the darkest hour in Singapore history.
The illustrations depict scenes of the victims of war, the fight for Singapore, the surrender to the Japanese, and the cruel treatment after the surrender (Sook-ching, Kempeitai, POWs, etc).
Inspired by ‘300’ the illustrated novel by Frank Miller. (A third person narrative concept) Goes by chapters following the 1st year of the Japanese occupation. (E.g. Japanese air raid, The fall of Singapore, Sook Ching, etc)
Target audience: Youths/young working adults. To Instill awareness of Singapore’s rich heritage, and the phase that our country went through during its darkest hour. To target a young audience is a good start to let youths be well informed of our past and what our forth fathers went through to survive the cruelty and harshness of war. NHB has so far published publications that caters to mostly book enthusiast or readers, but has not published books that cater to the new generation who are more interested in visual graphics.
Deliverable 1 - Illustrated publication
Deliverable 2 - TVC
Deliverable 3 - Posters
February 1942