Web Browser Concept
A fluid, curated, web browsing experience designed for how people actually use the web. 
As software and applications have advanced, I think the one thing that hasn’t advanced is the web browser.

If you put safari, chrome and firefox next to each other, aside from subtle differences, they all pretty much look the same and they all provide a similar web browsing experience.

A bar across the top, tabs, minimize buttons... boring and inefficient.

I think the web browser should be more visual. It should offer the user multiple sources of information with minimal clicking, and it should be constantly adapting based on which part of the application the user in currently interacting with.

Devices like the iPad provide a curated web browsing experience and as time has gone by I’ve come to believe in it’s importance. If there was a set way that webpages were viewed, it would be a better experience for the users, designers and developers alike.

I put together a mock-up of what i think the web browser should look like.

The browser always takes up the whole screen, with the page you’re currently viewing at front and center displayed at fixed dimensions. Tabs are now open pages on the left. Social media is always streaming on the right. Backgrounds and foregrounds lighten and darken as the user interacts with the browser. Navigation slides left to right, constantly adapting to the user.

This is how I want to experience the web.