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    a set of bras made with hand stitched material to represent lace. experimental.
My interpreted lace. 
For this project i really wanted to show the links between iron/ metal work and lace as I see the two to be similar. i took a pattern from some beautiful iron work i saw in vienna, austria and repeated it by embroidering it onto some special fabric. The ‘material’ that is meant to look like lace is the machine embroidery on dissolvable fabric. to start off with the fabric looks like cling film, you just machine into it as normal and then run it under water and whats left is just the stitches. it’s hard to get to grips with because all the stitching has to link together - just like iron work - the structure and support comes from the pieces linkings together. these were my first attempts and my machine was becoming temperamental. however i am pleased with the outcomes as i have managed to create my own 'material' which combines the idea of iron and lace.