Sleep Institute
Sleep Research Center on 924 N.Clark Street, Chicago, IL
The studio project is an institute for sleep research in Chicago, which supports patient services, research and monitoring labs, operational spaces for physicians and technologists, and spaces for public engagement (exhibition space for art installations, library, auditorium, movie room, cafe and a space for experimental research attraction for public). Facilities for single-night clinical studies and multi-night/day research studies co-exist, providing a balance of daily functionality for staff and long-term patient living spaces. The structured schedule of diagnostic sequences, scientific analysis, and shift work will provide a framework for the exploration of the multi-sensory experience of sleep and wakefulness.
The concept of the project is based on adventurous quality of dreams - unexpected changes in stories, spaces and characters, creating a different experience for every individual.
Dream research phase of the project:
Initial Concept Sketch 1 - Spaces connected to each-other with cut-outs
Initial Concept Sketch 2 - Bridges for Sleepwalkers
Building Entrance through art installation space
View from W.Walton Street
Diagram of building assembly
Elevation on N. Clark Street
7th Floor Plan showing control rooms and sleep rooms with individual bathrooms and nurse stations. 
Section A-A
Library and Cafe Underground
Experimental Research Space for public
View to the atrium space from the lobby on ground floor
Atrium from below 2
Atrium from the top
View at the tower from the adjacent courtyard 
Section B-B
Building assembly detail section (day)
Building assembly detail section (night)
Night View