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Power Puff Girl Product Concept Illustrations

Power Puff Girl Product Concept Illustrations
I was asked to illustrate a number of hypothetical product concepts as part of a style guide created by Mattson Creative for Cartoon Network. The Style Guide is a showcase of graphics, patterns, and other design elements based on the Power Puff Girl property, which are then used by companies who buy the rights to license Power Puff products. The graphics might be applied on anything from a tee shirt to a play tent set. In order to help licensees envision how the graphics could be utilized and how they might apply to their own products, we needed to create product mockups. Many of the product examples were so specific to Power Puff, that it was necessary to create our own semi-photo-real product mockups. Since these products are completely custom for Cartoon Network, no existing graphics were able to be used for the products themselves. Every piece was created from scratch, starting in Adobe Illustrator, and generally moving into Photoshop for final touches. Most concepts and sketches provided in this case by Mattson Creative.
— A L A R M   C L O C K —

The concept of this clock revolved around the girls' bed, and the theme of "Saving the World Before Bedtime."  Created based on a sketch by Ty Mattson. The base graphics and the beginnings of the highlights were created in Adobe Illustrator, with the remainder being painted in Photoshop. The iPhone graphic was purchased from a stock site and imported into the image (although the cord had to be created from scratch).
— P L A Y   T E N T S —
The concept of these play tents was to create a play environment that depicted the girls' bedroom / home on the inside, with the city of "Townsville" being depicted on the outside of the tents, with the structures themselves being reminiscent of the skyline. This entire graphic was created as a scalable, Adobe Illustrator drawing using Gradients and gradient meshes.
(subtle ground reflection and cast shadows created in Photoshop)
Shapes built in Adobe Illustrator. Shadows, wrinkles, etc created as Gradient Meshes in Adobe Illustrator.
— I N F L A T A B L E   C H A I R S —

The concept for these chairs was fairly straight-forward, and utilized patterns created by the Mattson Creative team. These chair illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator, with The sketches for this product were created by Ty Mattson.
— K I T E S —

The kites were meant to illustrate the girls coming together to fight evil, with each girl depicted on separate kites, which combine with the others to create a single kite. The concept of this product was by Ty Mattson, and the applied graphics were created by Russ Gray in behalf of Mattson Creative. Each kite was rendered separately then imported to Photoshop to place each kite together. All shading was created in Illustrator using gradient meshes and gradients, making the entire graphic infinitely scalable.
— T R A C K —

"Saving the World Before Bedtime."
The concept of this product which the client requested specifically was a wall-hung track system including a city backdrop, and individual tracks leading to a PowerPuff "bedtime" destination. No sketch was provided for this particular illustration. Each element was created in Adobe Illustrator then imported to Photoshop where further shading / highlighting was applied.

Power Puff Girl Product Concept Illustrations

Power Puff Girl Product Concept Illustrations

I was asked to create illustrate a number of hypothetical product concepts as part of a style guide created by Mattson Creative for Cartoon Netwo Read More