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The Presidency of theRepublic and the President himself are the highest state figures inPortugal. During years, the Coat of Arms of the Republic has beeninterpreted and re-interpreted by the very different printing companiesthat worked with the different divisions of the Presidency and, sometimes, the finished printed piece relayed on the mood of the typesetter.

The law establishing the rules for the construction of the Coat ofArms, in its sense, is very simple. Back in 1911, they didn’t worriedif the typeface would be condensed, bold, light…anything! Their onlyconcern was about the law itself and a good one by the way.

The actual Presidency (President Cavaco Silva, 2006-2016) decided it was about time to put some order on such an issue. The Coat of Arms was slightly re-styled accordingly to the law.A typeface was chosen for the Presidency and the President, which wouldnot be changed. Also a general purpose typeface was chosen and shouldbe applied to specify, addresses, names, titles, etc. The portuguesetake great pride on their history, symbols and tradition. ThePresidency is not an exception.